THREE Key Benefits of working with a Business Coach

Benefits of a Business Coach

THREE Key Benefits of working with a Business Coach

by | 17 Feb 2022 | The Grey Matters Network Blog

Created by Susana –

Business coaching is proven to work when these TWO factors are present:

  1. You or your organisation are willing to grow
  2. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

That is all that is necessary for you and your coach to solve problems and leverage opportunities. You may wish to create a new life, turn a business around, double yours sales/profitability, design/implement a plan of action or develop a roadmap to ensure that you have what you need to get more of what you want.

Why should I hire a coach?

Tuesday morning, emails done, no meeting scheduled in your calendar, so you decide to spend time on your business instead of in your business.

Here are some of the areas you might want to concentrate on

  • Your business is not growing
  • Your sales are reliant on a small number of customers
  • Marketing is not working to the same degree anymore
  • Your team are disengaged
  • New team members / better collaboration needed
  • You wear too many hats
  • Team leadership & performance
  • Time Management

This is where a coach can help you.


THREE Benefits of working with a coach or advisor

1. You will make better and smarter decisions

  • Finding out exactly what you really want for yourself and your business.
  • A coach will help you to distinguish between what you could have, should have, and have-to-have from what you really want for yourself.
  • Once you identify your goals you’re much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach them.
  • A coach brings the value of sharing ideas with someone who understands them, and is objective.
  • Talking about your options – the solutions often become clearer, a good coach will guide you through this process.
  • Working with a coach  will give you honest, constructive views.

2. You will have a balanced life, increasing your own and your team’s productivity and wellbeing

  • Having it all means starting with a balanced life. You know what that means: it’s having time for yourself, your family, sport, holidays. It’s your team feeling happy to go the extra mile because they know they will have time set aside to enjoy as they want.
  • A coach will help you to achieve high productivity while avoiding burn out.
  • When you’re happy and free from challenges and problems, you’re going to feel better and more productive. This is where the extensive experience of a coach will provide you with the higher impact.

3. You will grow faster and future proof your business

  • A coach will help you grow your business, set up a financial plan and future, and help design a strategy for you to grow personally and professionally.
  • A coach will help you to design a robust framework that can handle rapid growth. This is one of the biggest outcomes you will get out of business coaching.
  • For many business owners, assembling and leading a team can be challenging. A coach can help you talk through a range needs from developing a strategy for future development to methods to address everyday challenges.
  • Can support you in developing a plan to manage your team’s performance.
  • Help you to create structures within your organisation for growth and scaling.

Coaching will help you to figure out the systems and processes you need to put in place to grow — it provides that crucial structure.

The implementation of business frameworks will help you to automate recurrent processes, structure departments, communicate more effectively, and delegate tasks. As you scale up, the systems will evolve but will still be in place, which allows you to track progress and develop a regular cadence of communication through the leadership team and into each department.

Why Choose a Coach from the Grey Matters Network?


Why choose a mentor or coach from the Grey Matters Network

Our approach offers you choice and access to the largest panel of highly experienced and certified coaches in Ireland. You will benefit from best practice to maximise your potential and that of your team. You and your business will access the knowledge, passion and experience you need to build and develop your people and your organisation without the need to invest in costly internal resources.

Our highly experienced and certified coaches, mentors and business advisors have been where you are, and they have a track record on achieving excellent results with individuals and companies like yours.

We can help you and/or your organisation in multiple areas, such as leadership development, team/individual performance, career transition, strategic business plans, business planning, sales process, strategic marketing, IT strategy, HR strategy and more.

This article was created by Susana, one of our qualified and highly experienced coaches, 
If you would like access to Susana or any of our 35 qualified and experienced coaches, mentors and advisors – contact us today.

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