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A panel of experienced professionals with extensive capabilities – on tap.

The new normal, a tried and tested workplace solution

You could say we were ahead of our time having established the Grey Matters Network in 2015 to offer organisations an alternative resourcing solution – a proven professional contractor.

Our niche offering to organisations is especially relevant in the current climate.

The way we do work has changed irrevocably – hybrid and highly flexible working arrangements where diversity is valued in the workplace.

A workplace that is built on collaboration, diversity, agility which all leads to the GMn solution, the proven professional contractor.

Professional Contracting resources when you need them – ‘to compliment or supplement your team’

Contracting your resources has been accelerated in the past year as working from home has effectively levelled the playing field between employees and contractors. Once the job got done, where the person is and whether they were on the staff or not has become less relevant.

Companies have recognised that agility is the name of the game. This has meant leveraging the strengths of a hybrid workforce to plug skill gaps and bring innovation and cutting-edge experience to the table.

Growth in the freelance or contract market is not expected to slow down any time soon.

This observation is re-enforced by research released in May 2021 (Ireland’s Project Economy) and carried out by TCD in association with Contracting Plus. It tells us that the conditions have never been more suitable.

All the signs are pointing to a future made up of hybrid workforces with a focus on skills rather than tenure.

In the words of Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity College Dublin Business School.

In order to perform at this dynamic level these firms need to draw on independent contractors to access expertise beyond the confines of their employee base; respond rapidly to changing market and technological requirements; and manage innovation and growth on an agile and lower risk project-basis”.

Talent on Demand

Researchers have found that freelancers/contractors were being used across all functions but, more often than not, they were recruited because talent was needed in a hurry to fill a gap, progress a project or refine a process along with many other needs.

“Companies that are early adopters of these working models, see a competitive advantage in shifting their workforce to a blend of full-time and contracted/interim management/teams.”

The Grey Matters Network occupies a particular space within the on-demand skills market.  We’re providing key people as well as day to day Operations staff to organisations who have a need for experience professionals who will hit ‘hit the ground’ running.

The mature GMn contract professional has those critical interpersonal and communication skills along with so much more to offer.

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