Associate Privacy Policy

As part of our commitment to privacy, we need your consent for us to hold your CV on file. We will only use the information contained in your CV to match your skill sets to opportunities we come across and to create a shortened summary of your sector experience and key skillsets into our database to help us target opportunities to suitable associates. We summarise and anonymise this summary data for the purposes of producing marketing material – such as “We have 12 people with HR experience in the Financial Services sector”.  We also hold your e-mail address and mobile phone number to enable us to interact with you. We do not use your information for any other purposes. We do not share your information with anyone outside of the Grey Matters Network except where you specifically authorise us to share your CV with a potential customer.

We will write to you on a yearly basis to give you the opportunity to update your CV to ensure we only hold up-to-date information. We are happy to make updates throughout the year should you feel the need to update the information we hold.

We do not hold older versions of your information. These are deleted as we receive updates. We run a process each month on our infrastructure to ensure we only hold the most up to date version.

You can inquire about the information we hold about you by sending an e-mail to and this is also the e-mail to write to if you want us to delete your information from our systems.

We will only hold your bank account details should you take up a contract with The Grey Matters Network. We only hold this information for the purposes of paying money into your account. We do not share that information with anyone else. We retain that information for six months after the last payment made to your account to avoid having to collect such information every time you take up a contract with us.

Should you write to us at any time informing us that you wish to cease being an associate we will immediately delete all information we hold on you except for financial transactions which we are obliged to hold. This information consists of the purchase order and invoice information. We will delete all bank account information immediately should you cease being an associate.

Our full data privacy policy is available on request.