Strategy Review - Folens Publishers

Folens Publishing


Challenge: Folens was at a crossroads in terms of their Digital Strategy. The world of publishing school books is undergoing significant change and Folens needed to plan how their business would react to these changes.

The Solution: The Grey Matters Network worked with Folens to review their current environment and the ways in which the industry was evolving. Based on our associates many years of experience we produced a review report and a roadmap.




Procurement Advisory - Liberty Insurance

Liberty Insurance




Liberty had a complex procurement model and significant third-party dependencies in their operating model and needed the right level of expertise and experience to align their capability/model with the changing demands of the market.

The Solution

GMn provided a structured analytical methodology to reviewing and improving procurement processes, capabilities and third-party contracts and as a consequence embedded the deep procurement experience in the Liberty team on completion.




Advisory - Mid-Sized Law Firm

Challenge: this mid-sized law firm is undergoing rapid expansion and were looking for help in making their operation more efficient and were looking to ensure that they were gaining maximum advantage from their investment in technology.

The Solution: The Grey Matters Network has developed provided a number of associates to do a review of the challenges they were facing and a review of how well the technology was being utilised. This, in turn, led to further consultancy to improve some of the internal processes and some consultancy to help with the optimisation of their chosen technology stack.




Client Management Project - Westbourne IT

Westbourne IT






Westbourne’s customer service objective is to align the people, technologies and processes to help clients increase productivity and morale by helping to reduce the frequencies of IT disruptions. Their challenge was the need to source specific specialised reliable “low risk” people solutions

The Solution

Through our network, we have identified a number of Associates ranging from Service Transition PMs to Specialised DEC Engineers  that were a perfect match for Westbourne’s requirements




Change Management Placement - Sisk






Sisk needed to align their internal support/development capabilities to the demands generated by an ever-growing business, a diversified portfolio and a demanding leadership team.

The Solution

GMn provided a number of Associates with the level of relevant technical experience to support an accelerated ramp-up in capability to deliver the change program and leave a legacy of experience embedded in the organisation.







A growing IT Managed Services organisation required a number of highly experienced leaders in support of their business. The roles included Project Management, Product Management, Service Delivery and Operations Manager. A challenge for the customer was the level of experience they knew they needed and the urgent timescales within which they were operating. They understood and appreciated that a traditional search could take time and may not unearth the right people for the roles.


All roles were filled to the full satisfaction of the company who continue to work with us.




Advisory - Business Continuity for FinTech


A large and fast-growing Fintech company required a Business Continuity Plan in order for it to safeguard its own business, assets and stakeholders (clients, employees and suppliers).

The Solution

A Business Continuity Management System was built with minimal demand on the company’s own stretched resources. The plan incorporated an existing IT Disaster Recovery Plan and ensured it would allow them to fulfil the requirements of their own customer’s RFx’s.

The overall engagement which was delivered on budget took approximately four weeks over an elapsed period of three months. Further follow on engagements have resulted from this customer.




Advisory - Origin Enterprises

Origin Enterprises




The company had recently recruited a new leader to head up their IT organisation. Part of that new leader’s brief was to move the organisation towards a commercialised Digital model. To achieve this, he determined that the leadership team would need to operate in a different way and to a different level.

The Solution

Two GMn practitioners engaged over a period of a year, one focused on the team dynamics and the underlying management operating structures the other person engaged in establishing a PMO working methodology.




Interim Placement - The Arts Council of Ireland

Arts Council of Ireland Logo




The Arts Council of Ireland required an interim Head of IT and had exhausted its usual channels.

The Solution

The incumbent in the role who was due to leave suggested contacting The Grey Matters Network. The brief called for an IT leader who was familiar with the type of infrastructure employed at the Arts Council had experience of supplier management, would fit culturally and be available.

A number of Associates fitted the requirements and indicated their interest. The customer selected the person they felt most comfortable with.

The assignment was deemed highly effective by the customer, lasted for a year and they have since engaged us in other work.




Placement- Folens Publishers

Folens Publishing


Challenge: Having decided on their Digital strategy Folens needed a strong Programme manager to implement the ambitious plan they had devised. The ideal person had to have publishing experience, have experience in Digital transformation and have a track record of delivering complex programmes of work.

The Solution: The Grey Matters Network put forward three strong candidates for this role and Folens are now in the middle of their implementation with one of our associates as Programme Manager.




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