When you head out on a new journey do you take the bus or a coach?

In 2014 I spent a very fulfilling year attending a diploma course on Business and Executive coaching.

Having fulfilled all of the requirements of the course and combined with my career as a senior leader in a number of highly diverse organisations I was accepted as a member by the ACI (Association for Coaches in Ireland) and was subsequently published on their website.

I couldn’t believe the massive response I got from all manner of people looking for a coach. The only problem was that I didn’t have a bus so couldn’t really take a booking to drive the 5th class on its annual school tour to Salthill.

It transpires that an exact namesake of mine has the buses, in fact he also provides an ‘Executive’ Coach bus service. We had a good laugh when we eventually got to talk. I had out-Googled him and hence a search for our shared name found me first.

How do I differentiate myself?

What Comes First, Coaches or Buses?

This got me thinking, how do I differentiate myself? Eventually I concluded that if I called myself a ‘Management Consultant’ I would not be asked to bring the local ICA group to An Ghrianan at the end of July.

It worked, I stopped getting the calls, but it still had me concerned as to why there was more demand for transporting people by coach to their desired destination than helping people on their journey to becoming the best version of who they are.

Is it the term ‘coach’? Does that term imply a weakness to be addressed or a strength to be more fully exploited?

Is there an impatience with the coaching process?


What Comes First, Coaches or Buses?

Do the Millennials and even more so the GenZ generations demand more instant gratification? Is there an impatience with the coaching process?

Is the question to the coach, ‘here’s my problem, now tell me your solution’

Technology skills are decaying at the rate of 30% per annum

I expect there’s a lot of that. I read recently in Chip Conley’s Modern Elder that tech organisations are sweating to keep up. In the Digital Native world, companies are observing that if you stand still your technology skills are decaying at the rate of 30% per annum. So those that are not continuously investing through recruitment and training are going to be significantly behind the most recent upstart by the end of every year.

Emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence

Where does that leave all those other skills required to get the job done sustainably and effectively? These are often grouped under the term EI or EQ (Emotional intelligence/quotient)

The good news is these skills haven’t gone away; in fact, they are growing along with the growth in the older mature worker in the workforce. The over 50’s cohort population will grow by 15% over the next five years.

These are the highly experienced professionals that make up the Grey Matters Network.

Intergenerational collaboration


Longer term strategy

How this, intergenerational collaboration,  works in practice is that the trailblazing newer generations can continue innovating and pushing boundaries. They can feel secure in the knowledge that there is a highly experienced professional from another generation has their back.

You can bounce ideas off, validate assumptions, assess impact of decisions, help keep the longer term strategy in focus and much more besides.

Take our coach tour, our prior experience becomes your current knowledge

So, a GMn Consultant/advisor coaches you to be the best version of who you are in a sustainable way. He/she will also be a mentor and advise you on the approach most likely to succeed based on their own ‘been there, done that’ experience. Chip calls this role a ‘mentern’.

And you know what, we may even drive the bus for you especially on those uncharted trips. We can usually plan that trip without the need of Sat Nav. Our prior experience becomes your current knowledge and our perspective might just help you see more of the interesting landscape around you.


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