Covid-19 Crisis Management Support

Covid-19 Crisis Management Support –  Advice from our Industry Experts


In these unprecedented and challenging times, The Grey Matters Network offers you access to our highly experienced multiskilled and cross sector professionals.

Our Associates have lived through crises in the past, ranging from economic crashes, oil shortages, Kolbe earthquake/supply chain disruption, ash clouds etc. 

Given our experience and having been privileged to have lived through and learned from these crises we feel strongly that we can help those business leaders struggling today to deal with and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

GMn consists of pver 500 mature and highly experienced Associates who have offered to provide their support at a very reasonable cost. The expertise available is cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary.  


To access this service, submit your details through the Contact Button below.

You can also call us on +353 1 546 1117 where your query will be recorded, and your call will be returned within 24 hours by the most suitably qualified panel expert.


We believe the pandemic and therefore the help we will offer will likely follow three key phases.

Phase 1: Crisis Management.

We will help you assess the implications for your business. What immediate actions you need to take now in order to protect the future viability of your business as well as protecting yourself and your employees. The single source of advice for the pandemic in terms of health and safety is of course HSE.IE. Our role is to help you understand the implications for your business.

Phase 2: Business Continuity

Our role will be to help you understand the imperatives over which you will have little or no control. We will help you work through your options from BAU to complete shutdown or indeed a pivot to emerging opportunities. 

Our Associate will help you work through the critical challenges you are facing whether that be cash flow, supply chain, human resources etc. We will also help you to interpret the various government support facilities.

Phase 3: Business Recovery

A key phase will be the recovery, how you position yourself in advance to revive and rebuild your business. 

In this phase, we expect to cover areas such as supply chain, working capital, marketing/business development, human resources etc.

Post recovery: For some businesses the experience of managing through this crisis and the changes required to your business model may well provide the seed for “reshaping” your future business model, we can help with this reshaping in parallel with managing the crisis.

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