On September 4th we attended Ireland’s first National Diversity and Inclusion Conference at DCU, Inclusion Works

Although there wasn’t a presentation that addressed Age Diversity there was nonetheless a strong underlying message that diversity is good for business no matter what the diversity is.

The greatest impact for me at the conference was the ‘20/20 Vision Young People’ who each spoke passionately about their vision for a future workplace that is genuinely inclusive and values diversity.

Another very impactful presentation was that delivered so eloquently by Vasileios Madouros, Director of Financial Stability at the Central Bank. He made some excellent points about how a lack of diversity in banking and political leadership might well have contributed to our recent recession. Of course the older one gets the more recent 10 years ago becomes.  This point was well taken in the context of our own initiative to promote the value and benefit of different perspectives across the five generations that are now possible in our workforce.

I also took away some very insightful handouts from the Irish Centre for Diversity. Their clear and simple message really hit home 

“Diversity means different, we are all different therefore diversity includes us all”

A thought that struck me towards the end of the day is that most people are born with their diversity and have met that challenge throughout their lives however given time, we all eventually become age diverse. 





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