The Grey Matters Network – Our Evolvement….by Tony Devine

Ok, so you may be thinking where did they get the name from? what does it mean? what is the purpose of this organisation and why was it formed in the first place?

Very simply we are all about the Value of Experience inherent in people.

So, picture the scene, it is 2014 and three individuals with some prior knowledge of each other are chatting over a coffee in a hotel lobby. They are discussing their respective careers and their future.

They are ordinary people who followed a familiar career path. Starting out as trained and qualified specialists, working hard and progressing to generalist and successful senior professionals in their latter careers.

Now at a crossroads, their Corporate careers had reached their natural conclusion, but they weren’t done yet, not by a long shot.

The chat continued; more coffee arrived.

Each reminisced about what they had learned formally and informally in all their years across a variety of organisations both nationally and internationally. There was a lot of “if I knew then what I know now”. There was shared realisation that we had each learned a lot about ourselves, about working with people, about getting results, about seeing the possibilities and the constraints.

There was a strong feeling that there is value in all these lived experiences. We and our contemporaries had so much to give.

Our vision was clear, we just needed to establish the mechanism to deliver it. We needed to ensure that people with a massive amount of expertise accumulated over many years would be accessible to those organisations who could benefit from it.

Change Management Ireland

It then became a question of how to operationalise the vision. Our mission was clear, the way forward was to mobilise others who were of similar mind and who shared the vision of building a business around the provisioning of highly experienced and proven professionals.

We formalised The Grey Matters Network in July 2015 and our early clients helped us realise that they truly valued our experience and trusted us to get the job done. They encouraged us to expand and extend the range of capabilities that we could provide. There was and is a demand for experienced professionals from all areas of functional expertise and sectors.

Thus, formed the concept of creating a panel or network of highly experienced professionals, each bringing their own expertise. The idea was and is that organisations, no matter the sector, could find the proven professional needed to get the job done – in one place. That person would be available in whatever working arrangement would best suit the customer requirement. That could be a short advisory engagement right out to a full-time permanent hire. The key component is the Experienced Professional.

Cognitive Diversity

Back to the name, I expect it has become obvious now if it was not before. We genuinely believe that the years of experience often manifested in a change in hair pigmentation really does Matter. It is no coincidence that wisdom comes with time on the planet and our grey matter develops through our accumulated experiences.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to share our experience with you.

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Partners – Mick Furlong, Declan Hughes, Tony Devine