Fiona Conway

Fiona C

Sectors: Technology
Functions: Finance, HR

Seasoned professional, with international experience across various industries: Tech, Telco, O&G.

I combine finance and coaching background to engage people to solve for the challenge with clarity in current roles/teams/transformation projects/scaling.

From project accounting the building of a deep sea vessel, to forecasting the phenomenal growth in telcos, to working for a tech company that disrupted and changed forever the way you find jobs. I’ve been involved in great work at great companies – the key to success is building strong relationships, trust and integrity with teams and customers.

I step back and objectively look at what is the Why for each situation and work to ensure the most efficient process is in place to achieve the goal, be it new forecasting efforts or plans to change career.

My ultimate goal – seeing positive impact I make for a business owner or a coaching client.

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