How We Help You?

We provide organisations with experienced professional resources

Our Professionals have a minimum of 20 years experience across multiple functions and sectors

We can help you to fulfil your staffing, recruitment or contracting needs.


  • Permanent full time

  • Permanent part-time

  • Interim Contract
  • Day Rate Contract
  • Fixed term contract

Advice & Consulting

Projects & Programmes

  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Change & Transformation
  • Business Process Improvement

Are you in need of experienced professionals you can trust?​

We provide our customers with rapid access to experienced professionals to deliver critical strategic or operational roles to accelerate change or plug short-term leadership gaps, across all functional areas and a wide range of business situations.

We ensure we offer you the right solutions for your business saving you time and money.

Our people can be engaged in three different ways. These fall under the general headings Placement, Advisory or Project.

Placements can be the recruitment of a full-time permanent employee to fulfil a specified role or at the other end of the spectrum a contracted individual who will step into a role for a specified period. Such engagements will involve a once-off placement fee in the former instance or a Day Rate Contract fee for the latter engagement types.

An Advisory or consulting engagement is where we advise you how to accomplish a specified outcome. These are bespoke solutions, usually delivered over short durations and with agreed up front pricing. They can also be broken down into agreed delivery phases.

Projects are also agreed bespoke solutions but will typically be based on an agreed outcome to be delivered by the GMn expert and to an agreed price on delivery. Projects can be broken down into separate deliverables for budget management purposes.

Why choose a contractor from the Grey Matters Network?

We were interested to understand from the research what drives a company’s decision to choose this form of worker engagement. The three main points highlighted in the research are: internal company needs, a tight skills market and candidates.

We observe that companies come to us for experienced professionals. The contractor will either SUPPLEMENT their existing permanent workforce for a defined period of time or will COMPLEMENT their team with a particular skill or expertise.

Tried and Tested Approach

100%-Irish owned, we’ve built a strong portfolio of corporate & SME customers

Exemplary Response Levels

Effective & unique model for matching candidates with customer requirements

100s of experienced professionals

An elite panel of multi-skilled and cross-sector experience you won’t find anywhere else


We’ve worked with many organisations