Blog # 6

Many employers in Ireland have developed age-diverse policies and initiatives, such as: ­

  • Introducing return to work programmes for older workers looking to re-enter the workforce. ­
  • Implementing “soft landing” programmes that allow workers to reduce hours gradually up to retirement. ­
  • Offering flexible working options, including remote-working, part-time and flexitime roles. ­
  • Looking at Artificial Intelligence and introducing virtual workspaces and online collaboration spaces. ­
  • Removing upper age limits on apprenticeships, intern and graduate programmes. ­
  • Adapting the workplace physically to allow workers to work longer. ­
  • Implementing continuous learning for workers at all career levels. ­
  • Investing in occupational health and assistive technologies. ­
  • Raising or removing the age of retirement. ­
  • Aligning retirement age with the State pension age. ­
  • Encouraging knowledge sharing programmes, to minimise the loss of client and business know-how when employees retire. ­
  • Rolling out retirement transition programmes to help employees plan and prepare for retirement.

There is an increasing number of companies that are now encouraging older employee initiatives and work practices.

Those I have had recent interactions with include:

Pramerica, Accenture, Standard Life, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Contracting Plus, CAE Parc Aviation

At the Grey Matters Network, we don’t emphasise age or its pseudonyms.

Our business name is a fun way to ambiguously point to the wisdom inherent in maturity.e delivered whether the individual is employed on a full-time permanent basis or in a shorter-term assignment-based engagement.

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