Mentoring – Rebound – Return to Work Protocol

Mentoring – Rebound – Return to Work Protocol

by | 29 Jun 2020 | The Grey Matters Network Blog

By: William Baldwin, Managing Partner Ruya Advisory, Associate, The Grey Matters Network

As we move from lockdown to re-build (supported by the stimulus packages from the outgoing government and the #Program for Government of the incoming government) the #Health & Safety Authority (HSA) and #Health Services Executive (HSE) have published the Return to Work Protocol and guidance (click here) ensuring the protection of Communities, Employers, Employees and Public from Corvid-19.

This article aims to give insight into the initiative to support employers/managers to get back to work as smoothly as possible.

I, William, and we, #The Grey Matters Network (GMn) and #The Agile Executive (AE) are delighted to be supporting #Skillnet Ireland, on behalf of the #Small Firms Association (SFA), by providing two by 1.5 hour mentoring sessions from a seasoned professional to micro and small businesses.

The aim of this free program is to provide practical, implementable and real support to the owners/managers of the businesses by providing advice, quick-fix tools, practical solution to challenges aimed at getting the team back to work and recover/grow the business.

We, the Irish, tend not to ask for help/assistance and focus of getting things done and breaking through the challenges. We have shown our capability to recover/grow individually and as a country for centuries. In this time of uncertainty, we are all in it together and seeing support shows strength of will to get our proud country back on track. There are a myriad of assistance from the government and the government agencies, some more complex than others.

The program is only one of the initiatives being offered by SFA with many more to be announced soon. Keeping this program practical and user friendly Skillnet have created a simple registration/application process followed by a rapid response from the mentors with the intention of getting your business compliance, open and growing as quickly as possible.

Each mentor has an average 20 years in the application of practical Health & Safety solutions across many industry sectors and are focused on practical solutions that get the business returning to work quickly while managing the risk for the employer, employees, vulnerable individuals, visitors, contractors and the community.

The program is simplified into 3 main sections

  1. Initial call to set the scene and schedule the first session, 10-20 minutes
  2. First session, where are you? biggest challenges? pain points? sources of information? Clarify requirements. Provide practical tools, solutions, keep the client moving forward. 70-90 minutes.
  3. Second session, close off actions from the first meeting, discuss the any next steps. 70-90 minutes.

An example from a recent motoring session include;

  • Actions needed for a vulnerable employee who is needed on site,
  • Procedure for employees visiting client premises,
  • Practical approach to #Response Plan.


What’s Next?

Micro/Small business get onto and register, always good to get 3 hours practical support.

If you have friends, suppliers, customers you feel would benefit from this service pass on the information and give them a helping hand.

We look forward to supporting owners/managers to rebuild the Irish economy creating stability for the local/regional community and the global community.

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