What is Governance, Risk & Compliance?

Why choose The Grey Matters Network for advise and guidance when it comes to Governance, Risk and Compliance?

Extensive GRC Operational Experience

We have a panel of associates who have significant operational experience across sectors in the areas of Governance Risk and Compliance. All the more relevant in the current environment and challenges that face organisations.

They have operated at seniors levels assessing risk, creating risk management frameworks, implementing organisational governance and compliance structures to embed controls and measures across the entire organisation.

How The Grey Matters Network Can Help You

We can provide advisory services or interim placements in partnership with your teams to supplement your capacity and or to incorporate a comprehensive assessment, recommendations or implementation.


The means by which an organization is directed and controlled.

In GRC, governance is necessary for setting direction (through strategy and policy), monitoring performance and controls, and evaluating outcomes.


A possible event that could cause harm or loss or make it more difficult to achieve objectives.

In GRC, risk management ensures that the organization identifies, analyses, and controls risk that can derail the achievement of strategic objectives.


The act of ensuring that a standard/set of guidelines is followed, or that proper, consistent accounting or other practices are being employed.

In GRC, compliance ensures that the organization takes measures/implements controls to assure that compliance requirements are met consistently.

Some of our Experts in GRC that are available through the Grey Matters Network

Within our network, GMn have many experts with significant experience in Governance, Risk, and Compliance from across sectors that are available to help you.

Neil C

An experienced security professional specialising in IT Risk & Compliance, GDPR, BCP/IT DR, Project Management with transferable skills and wide-ranging experience 


A Global Transformation Leader & Business Consultant specialising in Risk Management with significant experience in operational risk & control framework oversight and projects applying a global strategic perspective.


Skilled in risk and compliance management, global operations management, strategic relationship management, people/team development.


Seasoned professional Exec and Non-Exec Director, significant experience in Corporate Compliance from an operational and oversight perspective


Skilled in the application of practical methods/solutions for managing risks in the Financial/Credit Management sector.