As a Manager or Business Owner, facing new challenges – and responding to them in a positive and effective way – is part and parcel of your role.

But the question is: what do you do when a new challenge comes along, and you realise that you don’t have the right people – with the right skills – to deliver the results you need?

Like so many organisations out there, do you automatically bury your head in the sand and think ‘we’ll just re-train existing staff to do this so we can avoid increasing headcount,’ and assume the solution can be found from within?

Unfortunately, while there is still a tendency for companies to look inward for a solution to a new challenge that comes along, in many cases they simply don’t possess the skills or the people they require to deliver the best possible solution.   

And what’s wrong with admitting that?

Absolutely nothing!

You see, far from being an admission of failure, by acknowledging a skills deficit and understanding the value of outsourcing a problem to a third party specialist, you are saving your business time and money – and greatly increasing your chances of success into the bargain.

So, if outsourcing is something you’ve never done before, and you’re still a little sceptical about paying someone else to do something you’re steadfastly convinced you could do in-house, here are 5 great reasons why outsourcing is a great investment for your business:

1. Control your costs

Rather than adding costs to your business, outsourcing helps to control them. Why? Because by exporting a business function to an expert third party supplier, you convert fixed costs into variable ones, you can ensure an ROI is delivered by assessing results against target objectives, and you can increase or reduce expenditure if it is not delivering.

2. Bringing in outside expertise means gaining increased expertise

As we alluded to at the outset, very few small-to-medium sized companies can realistically expect to have all the skills and expertise they require within their own four walls: now, more than ever, companies are having to evolve, adapt, and even change their product/service offerings to survive.

With such rapid realignment taking place, employing third-party specialists, with specific skills and experience, will help you get there faster – and with better results too.  

3. Realise short-term goals/projects

By their nature, most projects are time-sensitive. As a result, companies often end up investing enormous cost and time resources to ensure they meet all the required objectives within the allocated timeframe.

Invariably though, by focusing so much time and effort into the project, other parts of the business get forgotten about, customer service standards slip, and staff resources become stretched.

As a result, outsourcing projects to external specialist suppliers not only ensures that your business continues to focus on delivering great results for its customers, but it also ensures that your project is given 100% attention by an expert, independent, outsourced provider who understands what’s required to achieve success.

4. Navigate change

Change is something that knocks on the door of every company at some stage because sitting still is never an option, regardless of your industry.

However, implementing change in any company is always a big challenge – and getting it wrong can be disastrous both from the customer and the employee perspective.

The truth is, organisational change is a business process which really can make or break a company: that’s why it makes good business sense to outsource it to a specialist provider who understands exactly what’s involved from start to finish.

5.  Save time and money

Finally, if you needed any more convincing as to the merits of outsourcing your challenges, the bottom line is that it can save your business substantial time and money.

Why? Because by employing a specialist operator to undertake a specific function of your business on your behalf, you immediately free up your staff to focus on other areas of the business.

Finally, when you outsource any project or business function to a third-party company, as the paymaster, you immediately assume control of the process: in other words, when you contract a third party to implement a project on your behalf, they (not you), are 100% responsible for the success of the project.

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