When it comes to FOLLOWERS, are we being unfair to Lemmings?

When it comes to FOLLOWERS, are we being unfair to Lemmings?

by | 17 Nov 2021 | The Grey Matters Network Blog

When it comes to FOLLOWERS, are we being unfair to Lemmings?

As our LinkedIn company page at The Grey Matters Network closes in on 1,000 followers, I wondered what a FOLLOWER is and is there a real value.

Sibling Mimicry

When I think of FOLLOWERS, two constructs come to mind. The first one is that of Sibling Mimicry. It’s an innate desire that we all have especially in our younger years to mimic, copy or follow the lead set by your older siblings. As the eldest of eight my parents constantly reminded me that my younger siblings would be looking to me for example. I’m hoping that most of the time I provided the right example. However, I can also remember the times when I led them astray! when things went wrong and my parents would say, “and would you put your hand in to the fire just because your big brother did?”

Do Lemmings really follow each other over the cliff edge?

That brings me to the other construct, the subject of our image. History is full of examples of people following others and being led astray! However, the animal kingdom gives us the image of the Lemmings apparently following each other over a cliff and to their doom. It turns out that this is a myth. Those images owe themselves to a 1958 Disney film, White Wilderness. It appears the film makers were attempting to illustrate the Lemmings single mindedness as they went about their migratory endeavours. This included the famed alleged faked mass suicide images. So even the poor Lemmings it transpires are merely following their noses in their efforts to find a better life and a more secure food source.

A FOLLOWER on Social



Back to virtual word, the internet will tell you that the term Follower was mostly shaped by Twitter and refers to other users that have subscribed to be served up your posts. On most social platforms your followers will be fed your content, your news. In theory adding followers will extend the people you will be able to reach with your content and marketing messages.

A lot of organisations measure their success by the number of Followers they manage to attract.

1,000 followers is worth all of $10

Some sectors and professions (Influencers) can tangibly monetise their number of Followers. Indeed, I read that 1,000 followers is worth all of $10 😉

So, is it useful to be a Follower? is it useful to be Followed? is there a real and measurable value to ‘Followers’? is it just a vanity metric, a numbers game vs your competition? Are they genuinely following your posts? If they are following you, are you leading them? How are you serving your followers? In what sectors do followers matter most?

Follow us and help us promote the value of the experienced professional in the workplace

We don’t have all the answers to those questions but we would hope that we give good example. That we provide worthwhile insights and we don’t lead our Followers blindly over the cliff edge. So come join us and help us continue to promote the value of the experienced professional.

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