By Mick Furlong

When outsourcing goes wrong,

It is the devil to put right.

Beware the shiny suits – lookout for the horns!!

When a company decides that Outsourcing is the most appropriate solution be that for a relatively small non-core function e.g. procurement or for a large part of the back-end services e.g. IT.
Typically the next steps they take will dictate if the outcome is a strategic success or an unmitigated disaster.
That outcome is further influenced by the advice/guidance companies engage to help with the solution design, implementation, and outcome.

Tips to Maximise your Chances of Success/Minimise the Chances of Disaster;

Never depend on the Service Provider/Outsourcing Provider to also be your advisor – don’t dance with the devil!
Don’t underestimate the amount of due diligence you will need to do within your organisation.
To comprehensively identify the impact, cost, timeline, and savings that are required – don’t cut corners.
If the experience/expertise of having managed and implemented a large outsourcing project does not lie within your organisation,  then engage a reputable independent advisor.
This independent advisor will provide the guidance and advice and will be your outsourcing Talisman.
These will increase your chance of success by 100%.

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